Aerobic System

Why a Aerobic System?

Ballard’s Septic Services believe in honest, flat-rate pricing and fast, courteous service. If you are considering an aerobic septic system, Ballard’s Septic Services can help you determine if this is the best wastewater treatment system for your home or business.

Situations in which aerobic systems are ideal include:

  • A home or business with a small lot
  • A concern for groundwater quality
  • High level of wastewater treatment is required
  • A septic system has previously failed
  • Not enough available land or poor soil quality for a septic system
  • A rural area without access to the public sewer system
Aerobic system

What is an Aerobic System?

Aerobic septic systems are more complex and costly. They involve three compartments: a trash tank, treatment plant, and pump tank. All three compartments can either be housed under one unit or installed as separate units. Liquid and solid waste enters the trash tank and settles into layers, just like conventional septic systems. The difference occurs when wastewater travels to the treatment plant, where an aerator circulates oxygen bubbles throughout the effluent, similar to a fish tank pump.

The added oxygen is necessary to provide a stable environment for aerobic microbes, which break down waste faster and more effectively than anaerobic microbes used in the conventional system. Next, the wastewater travels into the pump tank for one last treatment with chlorine or another form of disinfectant to eliminate remaining pathogens. From here, it is considered environmentally safe enough to use on surface vegetation before the final phase of treatment, absorption into the soil.