Conventional Septic

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Ballard’s Septic Services is dedicated to providing stress-free residential  & commercial conventional septic tank and system services.  We strive to provide septic system services that keep you stress-free. Our team of highly skilled professionals works hard to install and maintain a proactive approach to septic system care.


What is a Conventional Septic Systems


Conventional septic systems are simpler in construction than aerobic systems. Solid waste will enter the septic tank and settle at the bottom, forming sludge. Liquid waste enters the same septic tank and rises to the top, creating a layer of scum.

Anaerobic microbes that are located in the tank help to break down the liquid and solid waste, producing wastewater where it is then delivered to the drain field. In order for this system to work, the soil needs to be permeable, water tables near the drain field must not be saturated and no restrictive horizons (bedrock) can be present to deter wastewater absorption.

This is the less expensive of the alternatives as long as all the conditions mentioned above are available.

conventional septic system