Storm Shelters

The lifesaver pre-cast concrete storm shelter

Unique in the industry is our use of expensive additives in our concrete that make it “self-sealing”. Should a small crack ever form in your shelter creating a leak, our concrete can seal the leak forever in a matter of weeks depending on temperature. This protection against leaks is effective for at least 40 years and probably indefinitely. The walls are 3″ thick, the ceiling and floor are over 4″ thick, and the shelter weighs approximately 12,000 lbs.

Storm Shelters in Longview

Don’t says its safe!

Built to meet or exceed FEMA 320 and ICC-500 standards

Constructed of 6,500 PSI, self-sealing concrete with fibermesh

Concrete additives self-seal and waterproof for 40+ years

Strong comfortable solid sheltered protection

Everyone in Northeast Texas needs one...

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